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Brimfield Awakening Swap!


Hi friends!

We are so excited about this swap!  After hearing from many of you, we have decided to go ahead and start this new year with a fun swap.  We hope that you will have a chance to try a new block and make some new friends!

If you have not already, please sign up for the swap HERE.  Please read through this post before signing up!  Sign Ups close on Jan 10.   Partner emails will be sent out by Jan 14.

Here is some general swap information:

  1. This is a swap for all skills levels
  2. This is a blind swap (partners will be kept secret)
  3. This swap is strictly for those on Instagram.  We encourage you to open an IG account if you do not have one!  We are limiting this to Instagram only in order to manage this effectively.
  4. Responding to swap emails is mandatory and those who do not communicate with their moderator will not receive a project until it is confirmed they have sent one to a participant.  We will not tolerate anyone being left without a handmade item.
  5. Instagram Posts: You must post a minimum of four photos – two progress photos, one photo of your finished project, and one photo of the project you receive.  Each photo must tag your moderator and include the following hashtags:



Plus the hashtag of the block(s) that you are using

  1. Please note the following hashtags for the blocks: #brimfieldblock, #brimfieldblockstar, #brimfieldmeadows, #avonblock. We will publish a blog post with photos and corresponding hashtags.
  2. Swap Extras: These are entirely optional and at the discretion of the sender.  Extras are not required in this swap, so please do not expect to receive anything.
  3. All projects must be mailed by April 3, 2019.


Below are just a few project ideas using our blocks to inspire you. So let’s get stitchy with it!! We can’t wait to swap with you!

Wild Boho Brimfield Awakening hoop art
We love @wildboho and all of Nichole’s beautiful hoop art. This was our first collaboration with her!
Steamer storage basket brimfield block
This steamer storage basket was created as a gift by @jo_sew_fine on Instagram.
Brimfield Block Pom pom pillow
This adorable Brimfield Block pom pom pillow is a shop sample for @beetleandfred up in the Hudson Valley of NY state.
#BittyBrimfield miniature quilt
These itty Bitty Brimfield Blocks are so tiny! They measure 1/4 the size of the original block, finishing at 3.5″ each!! Elaine Braun created this stunning Miniature #BittyBrimfield
Brimfield Meadows mini quilt by Pink Door Fabrics
@PinkDoorFabrics stunned us with this Brimfield Meadows mini!
Baby Brimfield Block fish
Going fishing? @missyfromminnesota deconstructed our Baby Brimfield Block – can you spot the pieces?
Brimfield Block apron
Sue, @grabacupandsew, whipped up this darling apron using a vintage embroidered pillowcase! Love it!
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