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Brimfield Block Tula Pink T-Shirt + September BOM Ideas

Brimfield Block September block of the month ideas

Sue Shattuck’s Brimfield Block Tula T-Shirt Guidelines

Sue recommends the original Brimfield Block dimensions for t-shirts size Large and up.

I have been eagerly awaiting this month’s theme, because I have been in love with Tula Pink’s de la Luna fabric since the first time I saw it. I became obsessed with the idea of having one of those sisters on a t-shirt, so that is EXACTLY what I did!  Since this tutorial must be individualized based on the size of the T-shirt, I am not going to provide a step-by-step instructions; instead, I intend to provide guidelines to help you make your own T-shirt


You’ll need the supplies for one Brimfield Block, and a t-shirt of your choosing.  Since I am picky about my T-shirts, mine is from Land’s End and is a size L.  The finished Brimfield Block is approximated 14 inches in diameter, so you’ll need to measure your t-shirt to make sure it will fit.  I prefer a V-neck, so the 14 inches was tight.  I would not make a full-size Brimfield Block on a smaller shirt, so measuring is key.  Here are the finished sizes of each block:

  • Original Brimfield Block 14″
  • Baby Brimfield Block 7″
  • Bitty Brimfield Block 3.25″

I did a few different things with this t-shirt.  First, I used the perforations to make the inner circle (black moon/bat fabric) pop against the black t-shirt.  Also, since the t-shirt is knit and stretchy, I used more pins that usual and popped a “knits” needle into my machine. And, since this is a garment and will be washed repeatedly, I decided to applique the block to the shirt on my machine using a zig-zag stitch.  This will ensure it will stand up to repeated washings.

*Important:You will not be able to fit the full-size center of one of the de la Luna sisters on a t-shirt size xs, s and m.  

How to be Eligible for the Monthly BOM Prize

  • Make sure to post your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #BrimfieldBlockBOM.
  • Follow @BrimfieldAwakening on Instagram
  • Look for the post about this t-shirt (swipe to see the prize) and “like” the post AND leave a comment on that post

Take this Class with Sue!

If you’re in Michigan, our gal, Sue Shattuck, will be teaching this Brimfield Block T-Shirt at Abbi May’s Quilt Shop in Muskegon Monday October 22 10:30am – 1:30pm! Details below.

Brimfield Awakening T-Shirt Class with Tula Pink
Brimfield Block BOM Tula Pink T-Shirt tutorial
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Brimfield Block Tula Pink De La Luna Quilt CHARITY AUCTION

We were so touched by Mathew Boudreaux’s post on Instagram (@MisterDomestic) about Pride month being the month of June. In his post he told us that at least a few times a month he is contacted by either an LGBTQ+ youth or parent of one to let him know how he has positively impacted them by just living his life proudly and truthfully. What really caught our attention is this statistic: LGBTQ+ youth are 3 to 5 times higher in either contemplating or attempting suicide. We knew we wanted to do something.

The good people at the Trevor Project do life-saving work. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. We decided to  auction our brand new Brimfield Block Tula Pink De La Luna Quilt and donate all the proceeds to the Trevor Project.

Here’s a little back story behind this quilt.

The quilting done by @Quiltingismybliss is beyond.


When pear yellow becomes the perfect “neutral” background color to allow the EPP appliqué rings to pop!

We were so fortunate to get our hands on Tula Pink’s De La Luna fabric from the awesome folks at Free Spirit Fabrics prior to its release.

Sooooooooo good….

We immediately knew that our original Brimfield Block would be the perfect frame for those De La Luna sisters’ cameos. So off we went, planning our fussy cuts (and can we just say Tula makes the *best* fussy cuttable fabric?) and glue basting fabric to our paper templates.

We enlisted the help of one our friend, Jessica Lopez (@thegorillaandthepig on Insta), to hand stitch allllllll the Brimfield Block EPP rings (man, she’s quick!)

Tula Pink’s fabric patterns allow you to fussy cut the fabric to create new patterns. We couldn’t wait to dive in.


I just watched the movie Coco with my family and can’t get sugar skulls our of my mind!

When it came time to pick a background fabric, we decided that Tula’s solids were definitely the answer, but which one? As it turns out, there isn’t a lot of yellow in this collection. So “pear” worked out perfectly, allowing for a bright contrast to the darker, moody colors of the fabrics that does these sisters proper justice!

Pom Poms fabric from Tula’s All Stars collection make for a fun backing.

For the backing fabric we used Tula’s Pom Poms in “fern” from her All Stars collection. For the binding we went with the Tent Stripe in “iris”, also from the All Stars collection.

At International Quilt Market in Portland, our friends at Paper Pieces had their Baby Brimfield Block quilt quilted by Teresa Villa (@quiltingismybliss on Insta.) When they showed us her work, we knew we wanted to work with her on a quilt, too! We’ll let the pictures speak to her custom long arm work. Isn’t it stunning?

Teresa Silva (aka @quiltingismybliss on Instagram) quilted her heart out!

The auction for our Brimfield Block Tula De La Luna Quilt is being held on Instagram account @BrimfieldAwakening. It starts Wednesday morning 6.20.18 and will end at 11pm EST Friday 6.22.18.

  • There is some small print. This quilt will not be shipped to the winning bidder until after International Quilt Market in November.
  • Between now and that time, this quilt will be used for a few trunk shows and be on display during Quilt Week in Paducah and at International Quilt Market in Houston. The winning bidder acknowledges that they will not receive possession of the quilt until after International Quilt Market in Houston and by November 15, 2018.
  • You must pay within 24 hours of auction close.
  • Shipping for the US is free, and Brimfield Awakening will cover 50% of the shipping costs internationally.
  • Bidding starts at $230 USD.
  • Winning bidder will direct message @BrimfieldAwakening in Instagram with their name, address, and PayPal email address so we may invoice you.

If you would like to make a contribution to The Trevor Project, you can click here.

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Tula Pink De La Luna Fabric X Brimfield Block = Haute Macabre

When we got our hands on Tula Pink’s De La Luna fabric collection from Free Spirit (due in June 2018) We were hoping against hope that the scale of the De La Luna sister’s heads would mesh with the size of the centers of our Brimfield Block.


The scale of the De La Luna sisters heads fits perfectly inside a #BrimfieldBlock

How big are they you ask? Well each one measures approximately 7″ tall x 4″ across. The center medallion of the Brimfield block measures 8″ x 8″ (with missing ~1″ orange peels cut out from the corners), so that gives some extra room to showcase more than just their heads. If you have been hoarding the Von Black sisters from Night Shade, this could also be an excellent opportunity to frame their beautiful silhouettes.

The fabric with the De La Luna sisters’ heads is called “Possessed”. We are loving their tattoos! (and Kim is obsessed with their hair!)

The other supporting fabric lines from this collection include Sugar Skulls. We have found that they have been INSANELY FUN to FUSSY CUT! Our Brimfield Block “rings” make for an interesting area to fussy cut fabric. There are darker curvy lines within the Sugar Skulls fabric that create additional patterns when fussy cut. In the two pictures above, we were able to achieve an interesting framework around each of the sister’s heads.

These ethereal sisters get framed with a batty / cosmic fabric from the De La Luna collection appropriately called “Batty”.

So it is safe to say that we can’t stop glue basting these Brimfield Blocks. Like its-4’clock-in-the-morning-can’t-stop. Here are a few more that we have done with some of the supporting fabric from the De La Luna collection:

The Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico happen right after Halloween. Sugar Skulls are a big part of the decorations. Tula nailed it!

The fabric with that skull butterflies is called “Venus”

Tula went all out, per usual, in her color selection. We love it!

Sugar Skulls surrounded by the eyes in the “I See You” fabric from Tula’s De La Luna collection.

If you’re a quilt shop looking to start an EPP program or a Block Of the Month (BOM), you really can’t go wrong using Tula Pink fabric. The colors, scales, and motifs for fussy cutting make it a perfect candidate for kick-starting your slow-stitch club! Head on over to www.brimfieldawakening for all your supplies and please use the hashtags #BrimfieldAwakening and #BrimfieldBlock so we can see what you make!! XO – Kim + Nisha