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Brimfield Block Tula Pink T-Shirt + September BOM Ideas

Brimfield Block September block of the month ideas

Sue Shattuck’s Brimfield Block Tula T-Shirt Guidelines

Sue recommends the original Brimfield Block dimensions for t-shirts size Large and up.

I have been eagerly awaiting this month’s theme, because I have been in love with Tula Pink’s de la Luna fabric since the first time I saw it. I became obsessed with the idea of having one of those sisters on a t-shirt, so that is EXACTLY what I did!  Since this tutorial must be individualized based on the size of the T-shirt, I am not going to provide a step-by-step instructions; instead, I intend to provide guidelines to help you make your own T-shirt


You’ll need the supplies for one Brimfield Block, and a t-shirt of your choosing.  Since I am picky about my T-shirts, mine is from Land’s End and is a size L.  The finished Brimfield Block is approximated 14 inches in diameter, so you’ll need to measure your t-shirt to make sure it will fit.  I prefer a V-neck, so the 14 inches was tight.  I would not make a full-size Brimfield Block on a smaller shirt, so measuring is key.  Here are the finished sizes of each block:

  • Original Brimfield Block 14″
  • Baby Brimfield Block 7″
  • Bitty Brimfield Block 3.25″

I did a few different things with this t-shirt.  First, I used the perforations to make the inner circle (black moon/bat fabric) pop against the black t-shirt.  Also, since the t-shirt is knit and stretchy, I used more pins that usual and popped a “knits” needle into my machine. And, since this is a garment and will be washed repeatedly, I decided to applique the block to the shirt on my machine using a zig-zag stitch.  This will ensure it will stand up to repeated washings.

*Important:You will not be able to fit the full-size center of one of the de la Luna sisters on a t-shirt size xs, s and m.  

How to be Eligible for the Monthly BOM Prize

  • Make sure to post your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #BrimfieldBlockBOM.
  • Follow @BrimfieldAwakening on Instagram
  • Look for the post about this t-shirt (swipe to see the prize) and “like” the post AND leave a comment on that post

Take this Class with Sue!

If you’re in Michigan, our gal, Sue Shattuck, will be teaching this Brimfield Block T-Shirt at Abbi May’s Quilt Shop in Muskegon Monday October 22 10:30am – 1:30pm! Details below.

Brimfield Awakening T-Shirt Class with Tula Pink
Brimfield Block BOM Tula Pink T-Shirt tutorial
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Brimfield Block STAR Pre-Sales are now Live!

It’s been a few months since we accidentally discovered this amazing cousin to our original Brimfield Block. But now the day is finally here! Get your Brimfield Block STAR supplies available for pre-sale from our website!

We are giddy with excitement to finally tell you that the day has arrived! The Brimfield Block STAR is the playful cousin to the original Brimfield Block. If you already have the Brimfield Block Acrylic Set, there is no need to purchase additional acrylics- you already have what you need. The only thing you will want are the pattern and the paper pieces. In the STAR version of the quilt, there are no “tall house” pieces. Instead of those, you will make an extra “orange peel section”.

Against an historic one-room school house, the Brimfield Block Star quilt pops against the barn red paint.

Just like the original Brimfield Block, our paper pieces are p e r f o r a t e d. This means you can add as much variety to your quilt as you want. The paper piece set comes to you in a set of 20 paper pieces for each block (240 for the complete quilt set.) Each “house piece” has a perforation allowing you to separate the “roofs” off of the paper pieces giving you more variety to your quilt block. Your block can have as few as 20 pieces to as many as 35!

We love how playful the fabrics are at Cotton + Steel and they were just the ones we wanted to use in our debut quilt for our playful pattern!

We love the negative space that forms in the center of this block, giving the block it’s name. And we *really* love the negative space that forms between each block. It is more intricate than the original Brimfield Block and the Brimfield Block STAR pattern lays it all out for you in easy-to-understand instructions. The 10 page color pattern comes with a coloring sheet and goes over everything from using our unique “2-in-1” acrylic templates, to glue basting and EPP stitches.

We knew Carrie Hanson @Gotchacoveredquilting would hit it out of the park with her long arm skills. She always does.

When Carrie of @Gotchacoveredquilting asked us what we had in mind for the custom quilting she was about to do for us on our debut quilt for this pattern, all we told her is that we wanted good texture. LQQK what she did! The neato negative space between the blocks along with the negative space within each block reminds us of snowflakes and snow crystals (perfect for what seems to be the never-ending winter of 2018!) We never tire of scrolling her instagram feed.

Got texture? Oodles of it on this #BrimfieldBlockSTAR quilt!

So are you ready to stitch your first STAR? Make sure you use the hashtag #BrimfieldblockSTAR and/or #BrimfieldAwakening so we can find you on social media. Also, be sure to join our private Facebook Group called The Brimfield Bee. You can share your creations every step of the way among other like-minded quilters also making this block. You always blow our minds with your creativity. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our girl-power business 🙂 Much love to you and happy stitching!

XO – Kim + Nisha


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Brimfield Block Tee X Patchwork Threads!

Did you hear? No??? Let me fill you in! We have teamed up with every quilter’s favorite Tee Shirt company, PATCHWORK THREADS, to bring you the #BrimfieldBlock v-neck tee!! The best part is that you can place your pre-sale order now and save 20% off the retail price 🙂 That brings the cost of each shirt down to under $20. Did we mention that they make great stocking stuffers? The only catch is that you only have through Sunday November 5th to place your order. After that, any extra they order will sell at the regular price until they sell out. So let your fingers do the walking on over to Patchwork Threads so you can pick out yours!

V-neck Brimfield Awakening T-shirt on dark gray.