About Brimfield Awakening

About Brimfield Awakening

About Brimfield Awakening: When a former TV meteorologist and a business consultant decided to make a road trip to the Brimfield Antiques Show in Massachusetts, they had no idea they were about to go into business together a few days later!

Kim Martucci (left) and Nisha Bouri (right) had been quilty friends ever since thy met at a quilting retreat in Georgia.

Road Trip!

Eager to get up to the Brimfield Antiques Show from their DC area homes, they went armed with their wagons, rain boots, snacks, hats + cash. Any Brimfield Antiques Show pro knows to be prepared for anything – especially the weather!

The night before they were scheduled to have one more traispe through the fields to look for vintage sewing notions, machines + feedsacks, it had rained really hard. That wouldn’t slow Kim and Nisha down! Across puddles they sloshed, looking for the vintage treasures.

As it would turn out, their collective noses would lead them to a jackpot! A woman had laid out several tarps across her muddy plot and on them were several open black trash bags of vintage textiles. Have you ever smelled a bag of vintage textiles before? Yeah – pretty bad. But that smell, forever going forward, would be a positive thing for the pair because it lead them to quilty gold.

Inside the bag were several vintage textiles and quilt blocks. But it was two orphaned quilt blocks that caught their eye and got their heart rates pumping! These blocks literally stopped them in their tracks because they each had never seen them before and they immediately thought how interesting they could be if they could be redesigned for English Paper Piecing (EPP.)

An hour and a half later, between matzo ball soup at the Vernon Diner off I-84 in Connecticut, they were hatching their business plan on their paper diner placemats. They couldn’t wait to get started on what would be called “Brimfield Awakening”.

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