Old Things from Brimfield

Old things from Brimfield are the vintage treasures we pick up at the Brimfield Antiques show in Massachusetts. It is where our hearts are and where our story began. It was here that we came across a dealer with trash bags filled with vintage textiles, feedsacks and orphaned quilt blocks. In fact, they were STINKY and our noses lead us there!

After discovering 2 vintage orphaned quilt blocks one morning, we were already designing them for EPP and drawing up a business plan for our soon-to-be-created “Brimfield Awakening” over bowls of soup on a placemat at a local diner.

There is nothing more exciting than the rush we get when unearthing something beautiful from the past. We love finding vintage textiles and feedsacks to repurpose into new quilt projects. We often get more than we need, so we are selling those vintage treasures right here. Maybe Brimfield is too far away for you or not in your budget quite yet. Here is where you can get a small piece of Brimfield to start working into your next amazing project. We promise you’ll grow to love the stink, too 😉