Brimfield Block Center Window Acrylic Template


Brimfield Block center acrylic template. The 4-piece acrylic template set is sold separately.


Brimfield Block Center Window Acrylic Template comes in two different seam allowance options: 1/4″ or 3/8″

This is the add-on center acrylic template for the Brimfield Block. The four other acrylic templates you need to make the entire Brimfield Block are sold separately. This center acrylic piece allows you to have a fussy cut center to your block. In the original Brimfield Block layout, the centers of the block are “open” to reveal the background fabric of the quilt. By using this template, your blocks will not have an open center. You can purchase the 4 other acrylic set pieces here. And you can purchase the Brimfield Block EPP papers and Brimfield Block pattern.

The window center acrylic not only will allow you to audition your fabric for fussy cutting (think of the acrylic edge as a frame to help you isolate your motif options), but because they are window or hollow on the inside, this means you can trace your own papers. Of course you can always just purchase a 12 pack of the optional center papers. But being able to just trace your own is nice. The outside edge of the window acrylic is where you trace to have your fabric PLUS seam allowance.

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 0.5 in
Seam Allowance Size

1/4", 3/8"