Brimfield Block Star Pattern Booklet


This is the 10 page color pattern for the Brimfield Block STAR Quilt. It includes a coloring sheet to help you plan out your quilt.


The Brimfield Block STAR Pattern Booklet does not contain EPP papers, traceable templates, or acrylic templates.

To make this entire quilt, you will also need the complete quilt Papers Set (for 12 blocks or for one block) and the acrylic templates¬†which are sold separately. The acrylic templates you use for this block are actually from the original “Brimfield Block”. These acrylic templates work for both designs. The one thing to take note of is that there is one shape (the “tall house”) that does not get used in the making of the Brimfield Block Star.

This quilt is a cousin to the original Brimfield Block. The center shape negative space in this block is star shaped! This 10 page color booklet includes a coloring sheet so you may plan out your Brimfield Block Star Quilt. It will walk you through the steps of this English Paper Piecing (EPP) and appliqu√© quilt pattern. It covers how to use the unique “2 in 1” acrylic templates, the perforated paper pieces, glue basting, hand stitching, and how to center and piece your blocks to achieve the fun negative spaces between the blocks when sewn together. What makes the Brimfield Block Star quilt pattern ideal for quilters of all skill levels is that all of the “house” paper shapes have perforation, giving you the flexibility to have additional pieces in your blocks. This allows for some mad fussy cutting skills. Simply tear the triangle tips off of the house-shaped pieces at the perforation line and that will yield you an additional 15 paper pieces! This means your blocks can have as few as 20 pieces or as many as 35! You can decide how many additional pieces you want to create. If you’re pressed for time, keep it simple and fast and use just the larger, non perforated pieces.


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