Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Online Course


Read below to see what’s included in the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Online Course.


Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Online Course

Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Online Course will teach you how to make the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper quilt from Brimfield Awakening. This is an English Paper Piecing (EPP) and Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) quilt design that also uses applique. You do not need to be participating in the Block of the month to take this course, however, we will be teaching around the timeframe of the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper BOM and access to the online course will be a year and a half, running from July 2022 to January 2024.

Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Online Course

This is a digital online course. This course will be offered through a private Facebook Group (Cleopatra’s Wallpaper BOM). Once purchased, you will be granted access to the online Facebook group. It will have the following:

  • Exclusive membership to the private FB group with access to course instruction.
  • Multiple video tutorials showing you the steps of the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper quilt construction.
  • Access to a minimum of 5 live Q+A sessions with Kim & Nisha of Brimfield Awakening, spread out over the course of the year long BOM.
  • Group interaction within the FB group to post your progress photos and get help from both Kim + Nisha as well as other BOM participants.

The Cleopatra’s Wallpaper BOM FB group will open in July 2022 and close in January 2024. You will have a year and a half to complete your Cleopatra’s Wallpaper quilt. During that time, you will have unlimited access to the online video tutorials. This will allow you to watch at your own pace and rewatch any areas where you need extra time.

After you purchase the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Online Course, please make a note of your order number. You will need to have a FaceBook account. When you click on the link to to join the Private FaceBook group above, you will fill out your name and order number and we will grant access to the group after we confirm your identity.

What You Will Learn to Make

Over the course of the year you will make the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Quilt from Brimfield Awakening along with us. Below are the dates that videos will be uploaded and the following Q+A live sessions with Kim + Nisha:

  • 10.12.22 Video Session 1
  • 10.13.22 Live Q+A with Kim & Nisha 12pm Eastern
  • 11.16.22 Video Session 2
  • 11.17.22 Live Q+A with Kim & Nisha 12pm Eastern
  • 2.8.23 Video Session 3
  • 2.9.23 Live Q+A with Kim & Nisha 12pm Eastern
  • 5.10.22 Live Q+A with Kim & Nisha 12pm Eastern
  • 8.16.22 Video Session 4
  • 8.17.22 Live Q+A with Kim & Nisha

Below is the Video Session Breakdown and what you’ll be learning:

  • Video Session 1: How to use the Brimfield Meadows Window Acrylic Templates, glue baste & stitch a Brimfield Meadows block. We will show you the whipstitch and flat back stitch. You will also see the difference between using card stock + Hexiform leave-in EPP templates. We will show you how to center your Brimfield Meadows onto the background square. This lesson will  be broken down into multiple “bite sized” videos so you can easily follow along at your own pace.
  • Video Session 2: How to make the Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) fan pieces both the way our pattern teaches it with freezer paper and an alternative way using the EPP wedge pieces. We will also show you how to attach the Fan FPP to your background square and center the blocks up.
  • Video Session 3: We will show you how to construct the diamond FPP pieces.
  • Video Session 4: We will show you how to applique the diamond FPP to the quilt top.

Duckadilly Fabrics Cleopatra’s Wallpaper BOM Fabric Kit

We will be using Liberty Tana Lawn fabric from Duckadilly Fabrics. If you would also like to use these fabrics, you must purchase the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper BOM option from the Duckadilly Fabrics website separately to receive your fabric.

Each month you will receive a curated bundle of Liberty Tana Lawn in a color way specific to that month’s featured color. Your quilt will look very similar to our original Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Quilt, also made with Liberty Tana Lawn shown in this listing.

Purchase the Duckadilly Fabrics Liberty BOM Kit here.

If you wish to use your own fabrics, that is okay too! You need not purchase any fabric kits. But you will need the papers, acrylics and patterns (2) from us to proceed. So please read on below.

What is Included with the Cleopatra’s Wallpaper BOM kit from Brimfield Awakening (purchased separately):

  • Brimfield Meadows Pattern
  • Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Digital PDF pattern (instant download)
  • Brimfield Meadows Bulk Pack of Papers
  • Cleopatra’s Wallpaper Window Acrylic Templates

We are pleased to offer you a $14.50 savings when you buy this bundle 🙂 Priced for $150 and regularly priced at $164.50. You can grab your kit separately here.

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