EPP English Paper Piecing GO Bag


Every English Paper (EPP) sewist needs this GO bag. Scroll below for all the details.

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EPP English Paper Piecing GO Bag

Every hand stitcher should have a bag like this. EPP English Paper Piecing GO bag contains our must have EPP notions:

  • Pink Embroidery Perfection Tape
  • Milliners Needles size 10
  • Decobob 80 weight cottonseed polyester thread
  • Sharp Snips
  • Sewline Glue Pen + Glue

These are the English Paper Piecing notions we have on us at all times. Our EPP English Paper Piecing GO bag fits easily in our purse or bag and goes with us to doctors appointments, Little League games, road trips, Jiffy Lube for the oil change, you get the idea 😉

Use the pink tape to hold your EPP pieces together while you do the flat back stitch. The Sewline Glue pen makes basting your EPP super fast and easy (especially those curvy pieces!) We have found the milliners needles size 10 perfect for all of our EPP hand sewing. They are durable and long and have a round eye. The best part – if they break? They don’t break your bank account 🙂 Wonderfil Specialty Thread’s Decobob 80 weight thread is our work horse thread. Very strong thanks to its polyester core, but cottonized so it does not shrink. This thread will withstand being dragged against your EPP papers without breaking. It’s 80 weight means it is finer than typical 50 weight machine thread, so it practically melts into your fabric to make your stitches invisible. And, we love our colorful, sharp snips.

You will get everything pictured in the photos, however, keep in mind that the color of the zipper on the “go” bag might be different. Same for the snips –  you might get a different color.

One item not included in our EPP English Paper Piecing GO Bag is the Roxanne Glue-Baste-It. If you will be stitching any of our patterns, you will wish you had this applique glue on hand. Click here to check it out.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in