Hello Kitty Needle Minders


Warning – you should pick up some for your quilty Bff’s – read on below!


Hello Kitty Needle Minders

If you know anything about us, we’re kind of obsessed with Hello Kitty. So, we had to have these Hello Kitty Needle Minders in our shop ASAP! There are currently three kinds: Umbrella Kitty, French Fry + Big Bow. Plus we won’t name names, but one of us has been known to reach down to grab the “man down” fry while driving that escaped the McDonalds bag…

How it Works

If you’ve never used a needle minder before, they are really nice. Plus, your family won’t get angry at you anymore for leaving your needle sticking up out of your upholstered arm rest of the couch cushion. It comes with a round magnet that you put behind your shirt. The front of the needle minder has the other magnet attached. Together it will sandwich your shirt. you will find that you can rest your needle on it without having to pin it to yourself, or, as we mentioned, sticking it and forgetting it in the couch 🙂

For the most part, most of the needle minders and zipper charms we carry fit within a 1″ square. One or two might be 1.25″ square or smaller.

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .75 in