Liberty of London Tana Lawn Stash Builders


We offer Liberty Stash Builder Bundles in small amounts so you can indulge in Liberty Tana Lawn and add to your collection. Read on below for more details.


Liberty of London Tana Lawn Stash Builders

Looking to start  your Liberty of London Tana Lawn stash? Or perhaps you’d like to fill out your current collection? These Liberty Stash Builders are a great option. Pick between our “Dark” bundle or our “Low Volume” bundle. Each contains 5 prints that measure approximately 9″ x 11″ each (the equivalent of 5 fat 16th pieces.) These sizes are just perfect for English Paper Piecing. A little bit of Liberty goes a long way. We use it in all of our show quilts for a reason!

Heads up! Your bundles may or may not have any of the prints featured in the pictures. Because our Liberty inventory is always turning, it makes it impossible to keep up with what exact prints we have in stock. However we can tell you that your 5 prints in either bundle you select will decidedly read “low volume” or “dark”.

Liberty Tana Lawn

This is not the regular quilting weight Liberty cotton, with which you might be familiar. This substrate is of the highest quality. The long cotton fibers that make up the Tana Lawn are very strong and that is why this substrate is used in the high end garment industry. It’s tight weave means the intricate designs, that Liberty of London is known for, does not appear to be at all mottled or diffuse. This fiber allows the beautiful designs to stand out crisp and vibrantly. It’s strength means your heirloom quilts will last for generations to come.

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 0.4 in

Dark, Low Volume