Schmetz Piecing + Quilting Needles


Schmetz piecing + quilting needles pack. Read more below!

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Schmetz Piecing + Quilting Needles

There are lots of machine needles from which to pick and we have landed on the Schmetz Piecing + Quilting needles. Needle types and sizes:

  • Quilting 75/11, 90/14
  • Microtex 80/12 (2), 90/14

Needle features: Quilting has a special taper to the slightly rounded point. Microtex has a very slim acute point.

Fabric Uses: Microtex (i.e. sharp) & Quilting needles create precise and fewer skipped stitches when piecing and quilting cotton fabrics. Needle types differ in tapered point. Compare needle types for best results

Quantity: Five (5) needles per card.

We found this website very helpful in researching which needles to stock.

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