Sparkle EPP Hexiform Single Pack


Sparkle EPP is beginner friendly! Scroll below to learn more about the Hexiform single packs!

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Sparkle EPP Hexiform Single Pack is the #squishyepp ! Let us tell you how they work!!

  1. They work just like traditional card stock templates, holding your fabric shape in place while you hand stitch your EPP design together
  2. You can glue or thread baste Hexiform just like you do traditional paper templates.
  3. When it comes time to remove them – you don’t! They stay in!! Saving YOU tons of time ūüôā

Sparkle EPP Hexiform Single Pack

The Sparkle EPP Hexiform Single Pack contains all the shapes you need to make one Sparkle EPP block. The block finishes at 12″. It block contains 5 different shapes. Those shapes (from inside the block working towards the outside) are: square, pentagon, triangle, kite and diamond.

What is Hexiform?

Hexiform is a leave-in EPP template alternative to card stock. It is squishy, almost like a soft interfacing. It stays in your project. Because of that, it saves ¬†you lots of time when it comes to removing the papers (because you don’t have to!) It does not disintegrate over time. It stays inside your EPP and adds a bit of a plump factor to it. Hexiform is currently the only template we have available for Sparkle EPP. We sell the Sparkle Hexiform templates ¬†in both bulk packs (to make 12 blocks) & single packs. If Hexiform isn’t for you and you want to stitch your Sparkle EPP on card stock, then these window acrylics are the way to go. Because you can trace your own, you never run out.

Normally we advise not stitching into your templates during the English Paper Piecing hand stitching process. But with Hexiform it is not only okay to stitch into your templates, it is encouraged. This is because when you do, it helps to stabilize the Hexiform and keeps them from possibly shifting around later. Having Hexiform stay inside your block is a time saver. Because you don’t have to spend hours removing them, you can make even more blocks. The fluffy paper alternative will add a plump factor to your blocks. As a result your Sparkle quilt will have more texture to it. We love that!

About the Sparkle EPP Digital Pattern

Sparkle EPP is our latest English Paper Piecing design. It has 5 different shapes that, when put together, sparkle like the facets of a jewel. Because it contains only straight lines, it is beginner friendly. The pattern is currently available as a digital download only. Included are the instructions for making a Sparkle EPP block and quilt. There are multiple pages of detailed instructions & pictures to help you every step of the way. You will also receive 2 different coloring sheets. You can print them out as many times as you need for your own personal use. Purchase + download the Sparkle EPP digital pattern here.

Sparkle Acrylic Templates

The Sparkle EPP digital pattern does NOT include any templates, papers or a way to trace them. Because of that, if you wish to trace your own papers on card stock, purchase these Sparkle EPP window acrylics here . Each shape of this five piece set is its own color, which just so happens to coordinate with Duckadilly Fabric’s Jewel Box collection! Speaking of the Jewel Box Collection, be sure to read on below to find out more about our collaboration with Duckadilly Fabrics and the Sparkle EPP Liberty fabric kit!

Duckadilly Fabrics Sparkle Liberty Tana Lawn Kit

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Duckadilly Fabrics to bring you the Sparkle EPP Liberty fabric kit. It contains bespoke Liberty fabric from Duckadilly’s Jewel Box Collection. This beautifully curated Liberty Tana Lawn collection has been cut specifically to make our Sparkle EPP 12 block quilt. You can purchase the Duckadilly Fabrics Sparkle Liberty fabric kit here.

Sparkle EPP Fussy Cutting Guide

If you would like to make a sparkle quilt just like the one we’re making with Duckadilly Fabric’s Jewel Box Collection, then the digital Fussy Cutting Guide will show you how we cut each of the 12 blocks. Having that in your back pocket and participating in the Sparkle EPP Sew Along (described below) will ensure you have no trouble putting together your Sparkle quilt. You can purchase your Sparkle EPP Fussy Cutting Guide here.

Sparkle EPP Sew Along

We had such a blast hosting the #SparkleSewAlong on the @brimfieldawakening Instagram account using Duckadilly Fabric’s Sparkle Liberty Fabric kit ¬†from from November 2021 – February 2022 !! If you missed our live broadcasts, don’t worry. We recorded almost all of them (thanks, Insta for the 2 that were glitched and didn’t save) each week. So, almost every block we fussy cut is viewable so you can still follow along. Here is what we covered each week focusing on a different block in the 12-block quilt:

  • Showed you how we use the Sparkle EPP Window Acrylic Templates to find and trace each motif in that week’s block
  • Demonstrated how we trace + cut out all of the pieces
  • Showed you how we glue basted the pieces to make the block

The Duckadilly Sparkle Liberty Fabric kit  sold out twice, but they still carry the fabrics we used to make our Sparkle EPP quilt if you want to purchase a stack to get going.

If you do plan on using the Duckadilly bespoke Jewel Box collection to make your Sparkle EPP, make sure you grab out Sparkle Fussy Cutting guide. It is a pdf download. This guide shows you all of our fussy cuts that we used to make our Sparkle EPP quilt using the Sparkle Liberty Fabric kit.

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