Vintage Striped Fabric Fat Quarter


This is an authentic vintage fabric fat quarter. More details below!

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Our vintage fabrics, like this vintage striped fabric fat quarter , are treasures we find at the Brimfield Antiques Show in Massachusetts and other locations in and around New England. They are beautiful and probably a wee bit stinky. Because of their age, you should expect them to have “age spots” and irregularities. We price our vintage fabrics and feedsacks based on either how much we have available to us and mostly by weight. If your item is a Fat 8th or Fat quarter, keep in mind that back in the old days, the widths of fabrics was not 42 – 44″. Pre 1950s cottons generally had widths of 36″. 1920s + 1930s width 30-36″. Prior to 1915 widths were less than 24″

Please look at the pictures carefully at this listing. It will have a sticker on it identifying it as a Fat Quarter (FQ), Fat 8th (F8), or it will simply just have a weight. Some of our items are scrap packs. Please don’t ask us what the scrap sizes are. They are packed up and ready to go.

This vintage striped fabric fat quarter has a strong geometric vibe. Between the stripes are small well spaced dots. Colors include a dark aqua, dark greens with hints of bright yellow all over a white background.


Ahhhhh. Word Press… for some reason, if we put the stock to “1” (which is all we have because this is a unique piece of vintage fabric), Word Press /woocommerce will show this item as “out of stock”. So, we have to put the inventory at “2” in order for it to show as in stock. However, we do NOT have 2 of these. Help us to hit it big and get a better website so we don’t have to fake our inventory to trick WooCommerce 🙂

Long story short. If you want 2 of these and the quantity says “1” or “out of stock”, drop us an email and ask and we will check for you:

Bring a vintage quilty treasure from Brimfield into your home with this old rare textile.


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