Wonder Guard


WonderGuard keeps your thread from unravelling – it is self adhesive and reusable! Simply wrap around a spool to keep thread in place. Read below for more information.


Wonder Guard

Tired of your spools tangling and unraveling and making a mess? Wrapping Wonder Guard™ snugly around your spools tidies loose threads and stops it from unwinding and tangling. It also keeps your thread clean and prevents it from drying out. This multi-purpose thread guard can also be attached loosely around spools of thread while in use on a machine for a consistent draw, helping to maintain beautifully even stitches with no fuss.

WonderGuard keeps your thread from unravelling – it is self adhesive and reusable ! To use, peel one piece off and wrap around a spool of thread. This size is best for larger (regular) size spools.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × .75 in

Small, Large